(Near-)Winter Complaint

Consider this my main blog for reasons I do not wish to discuss here (ask me elsewhere, i.e. AIM, if you actually want to know what’s up).

It’s fun looking back on the older posts here and wondering how I was so insightful and yet so dumb.  I mean, the Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series?  Really?  I’m just kidding, that was pretty insightful.  In a punny way.  Now don’t think about this any longer and pretend those last two sentences don’t exist.

The other day Lee introduced me to the wonders of Ben Folds.  Of course I’d heard of the man, since he practically lives in the MAC, but I’d never actually listened to any of his music.  Lee sent me “You Don’t Know Me” (feat. Regina Spektor) and “Hiroshima.”  I listened to “Hiroshima” once and have essentially had “You Don’t Know Me” on repeat since he sent it to me (except, you know, when I listened to the other song).  I can see why Lee is in love with him, it’s damn good music.  Lee only sends me damn good music, I think.  Damn.

I can really tell that this post will not achieve an identical level of insightfulness to my previous posts…it’s okay, though, I’m really just posting this so I can start this up again.  There’s a men’s basketball game tonight, GU vs. Idaho.  For some reason I think I like playing at women’s games more than men’s games, but at the men’s games we look like a larger band because we take up the entire area alloted to us.  And the men’s games are slightly more entertaining because they dunk.  At every women’s game, the same group of male sax players yells, “Dunk!  DUNK!!!!!” whenever a GU player gets a fast break or something, and when they just do a lay-up, the guys yell, “Why didn’t you dunk!?  GOD!!”  It’s funny now but I think I’ll hate it soon.

There’s a wind symphony concert on Thursday.  I know that none of my readers live anywhere near Spokane (or Washington, or Oregon…) but you could at least think of me at 7:30 that evening.  We’re playing “Salvation is Created,” “Journey Through the Camphor Tree” (an arrangement of songs from Miyazaki movies by Casey Nagata, a senior in the ensemble), “Sketches on a Tudor Psalm,” “Pas Redoublé,” and “Short Ride in a Fast Machine.”  I think you can find “Short Ride” on JW Pepper, I have a link to “Sketches” but it’s 12 minutes long so I won’t make anyone listen to it, and you can probably find “Pas Redoublé” anywhere because it’s a Saint-Saëns piano piece arranged for concert band (the US Navy Band’s performance on iTunes is the exact arrangement we’re playing give or take a few spots where different instruments play certain parts).

Anyway, I’m off to go rehearse the aforementioned pieces and then go to the aforementioned men’s basketball game.  Have a good day, everyone!

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