Well, this is terrifying.

I enjoy blogging, I really do. That’s why I decided to open a blog under my own name: to give myself a more public platform for my writing while simultaneously feeling like something of a Real Adult™ as I start graduate school. But, as many readers may know, I’m without a regular Internet connection at the moment, so this could prove difficult at first.

In any case, I’m very excited to be back on WP, and I hope I can keep this going for a few weeks months years (!). Wouldn’t that be something?

Enjoy this filler post until I have something worthwhile to write. I’ll probably leave it up even as I start writing more, to remind myself that this is something I actually want to do.

Future Christine, get it together.

That should be enough for now. I hope you are all having the best of days, and if you aren’t, here are some kittens that want to hug you. I hope they can help.

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