Feminism: Capes optional

On October 7, the Iowa branch of the Feminist Justice League officially launched! No, not that Justice League. This one:

A little more on our incredible parent organization:

Created by a group of Texas activists in the wake of the passage of Texas House Bill 2, this site is meant to serve as an action hub to build upon the momentum of the Feminist ArmyStand With Texas Women, and related movements. Like our league, our name* is feminist; it is trans-inclusive, ally-inclusive, and does not reduce women to an assumed reproductive capacity. It centers on justice, signaling our self-consciousness as one part of an intersectional social justice movement. This name suggests collective action, voluntary participation, a lack of hierarchy, and, of course, badassery and superhero powers.

I’m incredibly excited to begin reaching out to some amazing groups in Iowa that care about women’s rights, reproductive freedom, and social justice. As soon as we establish some contacts around the state, we will begin recruiting volunteers. Which means one thing: Capes! (Or not. It’s totally up to you.)

We're seriously pro-choice, right down to our capes.

We’re seriously pro-choice, right down to our capes.

For now, you can check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Great things are brewing in the Midwest!

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