My year in 50* books

Happy (almost) 2014!

Because I feel like I read nothing this year, I’m going back to an old standby: the “read X books in one year” challenge. I think the last time I did this was in 2010, when I had all the free time in the world to read 100 books. In 2014, I’m shooting for 50 25 books. Since I’ll be a full-time student (and hopefully employed part-time as well!), I feel like this is a demanding, yet reachable goal.

I will have a list of my progress both here on this blog and on Goodreads.

I hope some of you partake as well; we could even share e-books and discuss them together! It’ll be very motivating, at any rate.

Wishing you all a happy and safe new year!

* EDIT 11/1: I’ve changed this to a much more manageable 25 books, because I wanted to maintain some goal-reaching enthusiasm despite the fact that 50 is basically out of reach now.

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