“And I come back to you now – at the turn of the tide.”

It’s been almost three months since I wrote here. And not to state the obvious twice in a row, but holy hell is school awesome and hard. Since I haven’t done much non-academic writing in quite a while, I’m not sure of the word that would best describe that aspect of my life. But that’s boring, and some relatively not-boring things have happened in that time.

I got engaged! I also learned how unphotogenic my hands are. Which is why I’ve included a photo of the ring alone in addition to one of it sitting on my finger, in order to redeem the fact that my hands exist (click to enlarge…if you dare):

2014-03-29 01.14.42  2014-03-29 18.13.45

Only a handful of people have asked if there’s a story behind the engagement, which is a good thing because there really isn’t one. It’s likely a public proposal would have killed me, and the whole “surprise” thing isn’t my style (especially because I wanted to pick the ring out myself – which I did!), so we settled for Sean handing me the box containing the ring in the car as I drove him to work. He said “here,” I said “thanks,” and boom, engaged. (We were actually parked outside a Casey’s, if you’d like a little more detail.)

Not to break away from the engagement (ha, ha, ha) too awkwardly – rest assured I’ll be talking about it more once some semblance of a wedding is planned – but I wanted to touch on that other part of my life really fast. The part where I’m a graduate student and it’s super fun but also super un-fun sometimes. (Boos from the gallery.)

I’ll be finished with the first full year of my program by the end of April, which is good! I also register for the fall semester next week, which is great! And it’s going to be my last semester jam-packed with core classes because next spring I’ll only be taking a prep course for the CHES exam (along with a couple of “throwaways” so I can stay full-time), which is awesome! Next semester I’ll be finishing up my core work and also taking a class on sex ed that I didn’t know existed until a couple of days ago, which is GREAT because that’s what I want to teach eventually. It’ll be cool to be able to concentrate on that subject in a class, as opposed to what I do now, which is work it into assignments wherever it’s relevant.

Next week I’ll be heading up to Ames – obligatory “boooo Iowa State” – for the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health. I’m super stoked because a) it’s my first professional conference, b) I get to hand out my snazzy business cards, and c) every single session contains a presentation relevant to my interests (sexual health! LGBT health! social media marketing!). Hopefully I’ll also be able to meet some neat-o people, even if they don’t offer me employment on the spot.

Since I’m not sure how to seamlessly segue into a closing, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s Spring Book Sale is happening now! If you’re near Des Moines and want to pick up some new reading material while supporting a fantastic organization, I strongly encourage you check it out.

P.S. Anyone for the quote in the title of this post?


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