Now what?

This post will consist of bulleted items, because I wanted to post some updates without really writing anything. I hope you’ll understand.

  • You are reading the 20th entry on this blog. I’m actually quite shocked I managed this many posts within the school year. Good for me!
  • Speaking of school, I finished the second semester of my master’s program about a week and a half ago. This time next year, I’ll be in Alabama receiving my degree.
  • Since finishing for the semester, I haven’t really done much besides write the occasional letter. I’ll write one to you, too, if you’d like.
  • We still don’t have a date picked for the wedding, but I wasn’t expecting that to have happened by now. The one thing we’ve done – a “draft” of the guest list – mostly consisted of my lamenting the fact that very few people I invite will actually be able to come.
  • As I have next to zero obligations for the nonce, my activity on Goodreads will pick back up – my page is here. I read a lot of good books, so.

I hope I will have something more fun to write about soon!

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