A long-expected update

There, I’ve said it. Now, to do something about it.

I spent my potentially final summer vacation (as a student) occasionally studying for my comprehensive exam in February – you know, that little thing I have to pass in order to receive my degree – and somewhat less occasionally planning my wedding. Due to some unforeseen roadblocks, we didn’t nail down our wedding/reception venue and date until just a few days ago, but now that is DONE and we are EXCITED.

Also, I started my third semester of graduate school last week. While two of my three classes are core work (a.k.a. mandatory classes, the stuff that will be on the comprehensive exam), the third is a sex ed (!) class that I’ve discussed here briefly before. Now that it’s started, I’m even more excited. I’ve gotten to know the professor before in another class, and she is fantastic and has been super open-minded about the topics I’ve covered in the past. Which, obviously, is good, since my position entering this class is along the lines of “the comprehensive sex ed I received as a California public school student, while vastly better than what is offered in most states, was nowhere near truly ‘comprehensive,’ so I want to improve upon that.”

I mean. I’ll get to more about what I mean in a future post, perhaps, but I’m stoked to open that discussion with my classmates. Every week involves class-wide discussions about different topics in sex education, so I will absolutely have a chance to hash out my views about what I believe must be included in “comprehensive” sex education.

Now that I’ve sufficiently gone off on a tangent I can’t fully elucidate, it’s time to further crush your spirits and end this post. I’m super-multitasking, which is why I might have sounded strange at times, so I apologize there! I just wanted to throw something up to let people know I’m totally alive. (But if you want that reassurance all the time, I’m on Twitter! My feed is conveniently located in the sidebar!)

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