Day 5: Quote of the day

Crosby Student Center at Gonzaga University. A statue of Bing Crosby is at the front of the building.
Photo taken by me in March 2022

“They are sweat shorts, they are not man capris!”

First, a preface about my fashion choices growing up: I did not like wearing “girl clothes.” Girl jeans, girl shirts, girl shoes, anything “for girls” or that the girls at school typically wore were out. Which meant my wardrobe mostly consisted of “unisex” sneakers (look, probably “for women,” but they weren’t pink, which was For Girls), t-shirts from soccer tournaments, and a whole bunch of zip-off pants. See, I couldn’t find those “boy shorts” (the kind that fall just below the knee) in a style that would fit me, but what fits a lot more people? Zip-off pants. My go-to zip-off pants zipped into both short shorts (no) and that longer style I preferred.

Years after my zip-off pants phase, when I was a freshman at Gonzaga, I was heading to the student center when I heard a guy say the above quote to his friends. I looked. They were zip-off sweatpants that fell just below the knee. And he was swiftly rejecting that they were “for men”! (But also that they were capris. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some stuff to unpack there, too.)

In conclusion, gender is a cesspool and everyone should feel comfortable in their sweat shorts.

This is an entry in my 30 Day blogging challenge. Read the first post explaining it here, or see all the posts in the challenge here.


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