Day 7: A photo that makes you happy

Image description: A banner of Megan Gustafson's number 10 in the rafters at Carver-Hawkeye arena. The number 10 is illuminated on a screen behind the banner and fans pack the stands.

Look, all I can really say is that this day could have been a lot worse. On this day, I drove to Iowa City to watch Iowa play Michigan State and attend Megan Gustafson’s jersey retirement ceremony. (I wrote a really cool article about it, too.) When I got there, I learned that a sports figure, his daughter, and seven others died in a horrific accident. The sports figure had a past such that I felt massively conflicted about his death. Outside the arena, I spoke on the phone with a friend, willing them to not bring it up, but they found out what happened while we were talking. I went inside, expecting this tragedy to take precedence, if not leave a dark shadow over the day. But the more people I was near, the more conversations I overheard, it was clear: everyone was here for the game. For the ceremony. The only sports figure anyone talked about in any detail was Megan Gustafson.

I could have spiraled. If I hadn’t been at this game, for this event, I would have spiraled. But I was, and so I didn’t. I took this picture to remember my happiness — and my relief. (And then, less than two months later, the world shut down. But still.)

This is an entry in my 30 Day blogging challenge. Read the first post explaining it here, or see all the posts in the challenge here.

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