Day 14: A non-fictional book

Image description: A photo of a person taken from behind and to the right of them sitting in a chair and reading a book on an e-reader.

When I wrote “I am very tired today” in my last post, what I meant was “I have COVID but don’t know it yet, and then when I recover I’m going to dive right back into summer reading at the library and be so busy that I’m going to forget about this challenge for two months.” But I’m back now!

Is it weird to not want to say what the book is? (Yes.) Because here is my situation: I’m in grad school, and a local entity sent my program a call for library science students to come facilitate book discussions of a certain book over the fall and winter. I have never facilitated a book discussion outside of probably an old high school assignment, so I jumped at the chance. Now I can’t remember which date(s?) I signed up for and haven’t received a confirmation email, so I’m sort of holding off on reading the book until that happens, because I know no matter how good my notes are, I will not remember a book well enough to talk about it with other people if I haven’t recently read it.

The book is nonfiction (which I suppose makes it “non-fictional”). It is by a well-known writer. It is new-ish. It’s been on my to-read list since before it came out. And yet!!!

The last nonfiction book I read was The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation, a book that has since been soundly discredited because it turns out the conclusion the group in the book came to about who betrayed the Frank family (and caused them to be sent to concentration camps, where most of them died) was a pretty wild one. They locked in on their answer and went, “Welp, this must be it!” and then the book was published and people started being like, “…???” It was a good listen — I found the listening experience was more like a new season of Serial in more ways than one — but, you know, you can’t really believe a lot of it once they start going down the path of blaming someone.

So yeah, I mean, I would like to read this unnamed book next for sure. I would just also like to wait until someone tells me to read it, not unlike in school. And then I will fully commit to it and do such things as name it.

Oh, man, speaking of school, that starts in two days. C’est la vie.

This is an entry in my 30 Day blogging challenge. Read the first post explaining it here, or see all the posts in the challenge here.


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