You Can be a Republican, I’m a Genocrat

I recently discovered that Ogden Nash is somewhat of a sav.  His style of poetry is not unlike Billy Collins’; this must be why I like it so much.  It’s humorous and pointless, down-to-earth and completely random.  If not for Tim Lincecum, I’d be in love all over again.

This week has been insane.  Monday was better than most Mondays, I think… I don’t remember exactly why, but I don’t recall feeling lethargic or crabby after school.  The boys had water polo on Tuesday, so the girls’ team (a.k.a. me, Eva, Danielle, and Shirley) went to go support them and such.  Wednesday and Thursday we got to play (we lost 8-0 on Wednesday); it was not terrible, nor a waste of time.

I’m struggling my way through the arrangement of Schindler’s List that I have for piano — it is also not terrible, nor a waste of time.

No football tonight; maybe I’ll do homework instead.  A terrible waste of time if I ever saw one.